I will be spending fall 2011 studying at the McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies in Alanya, Turkey. I also plan to travel around the country and the region as much as possible.

Tentative Schedule:

September 1: Istanbul

September 4: Bursa

September 10: Edirne

September 12: Ankara

September 15: Alanya

September 23: Yayla

September 30: Konya

October 6: Antalya

November 17: Cyprus



4 responses to “About

  1. Renee

    Hey! I’m studying abroad in Istanbul at Bogazici University in the Spring. I’m glad to finally see someone with an updated blog to get excited about! =) Have a great trip and good luck with your leg!

    • Mike Madoff

      Hi Renee. Glad you’re enjoying the blog. It’s so amazing here and you’re going to have an awesome time in the spring! Let me know if you have questions about anything in Turkey. I think I might know so people connected to Bogazici if you’re looking to build contacts.

  2. I’m so glad you’re one of our “Top Bloggers” because I feel that more students need encouragement to pursue less popular study abroad destinations. So many go to Italy, Spain, UK and don’t realize there are opportunities elsewhere. Congrats! and we designed this sidebar badge to recognize all of our top bloggers. http://www.ilovestudyabroad.com/student-blogs/badge/

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